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Well we did get an early start and the drive down to Freeport was uneventful except the usual pothole dodge game. The road wins more often than I like. We arrived at the LL Bean RV parking area and secured a great parking space. I am anxious to get to the store because they have a kayak excursion that I wanted to check out. We drove the car up to the store and found a perfect parking space in the middle of everything. We went direct to the excursion desk and found that the next group going out on the water would be leaving in about an hour. I signed up and then Anne agreed to go also. We shopped to kill time but did not buy anything except a snack at the store Cafe. It was lousy. I was shocked at how bad it was but we did not have time to go any place else. The time came and we boarded a bus to go down to Casco Bay on the Harraseeket River. We arrived at a farm barn in a pasture an found ourselves in a dressing area and classroom. After suiting up in special shoes and a PFD. we started a long walk across the pasture. I was concerned that the walk was going to be to much for me but I made it down to the dock. The instructors, Barbara and Peter, were great. They showed us how to get into a kayak (controlled fall)and then pushed us out into the bay. Anne was launched before me and I was so proud of her adventerous spirit. She had a grin a mile wide on her face and no sign of fear. Then it was my turn. I was launched also and found out why Anne was so happy. It is wonderful. Being so low to the water is a new perspective and it is beautiful. So quite and peaceful. Peter's kayak had broken loose and he spent some time searching for it and then we spotted it. Another instructor retrieved it and we continued up and down the bay. We were a small group, only 6 total. A father and son from New York and a young couple from Colorado plus Anne And I. I sure hated it when it was time to go back to the dock. Getting out of the kayak was more difficult than getting in but, with Barbara's help, we made it. It . was a long walk back across the pasture and poor Anne developed a terrible blister. After first aid, we boarded the bus to return to the store. A little damp and definatly hot, so the air conditoning felt very good. We just sat and rested until we cooled off. Then we went shopping for a kayak. After much soul searching, we decided that we would sleep on it and went back to the store and started buying shoes. I tried on cloggs reluctantly and did not want to take them off. Anne bought a pair also. We called Nick and wished him Happy Birthday. Sure enjoyed talking to him. Look forward to seeing them in Savannah soon. Anne called from Savannah and said she was just checking up on us after seeing the news about the bad weather. We assured her we were fine. Back to the MH in the parking lot and just went to bed after eating a tomato sandwhich. Fortunatly, the weather is cool.

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