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Wednesday 070506

We awoke to the sound of rain again. After a casual slow start, we moved the motor home to Truro. The new campground here is Scotia Pines. Very nice and they do have wireless access. Our site is out of range, as usual. Anne has started breakfast and the bacon/sausage sure smells good. More later. Turned out it was even better than it smelled. The rain had quit while we were driving over here but then the fog rolled in. It is 10:52 (our time) and the fog seems to be lifting. We will spend today preparing for a long day trip in the car tomorrow. First, all the way to Lunenburg, next to Peggy's Cove and finally Halifax. It will be a hard day but that is the only way it would be practical to see all three. Today we need to try to find another campground near the Hopewell Rocks, Muncton and maybe Shediac. We are trying to arrange our stops to also move the MH towards home. I don't think we should move further away. I believe we are a good 3000 miles from Savannah. I will try to check that out with the gps. It doesn't want to work well up here.

Rested up for a while then went driving around. Went back to the Visitor's Center and used their phone to call the campgrounds in New Brunswick. No space available at Muncton but we were able to make a reservation at Shediac. It was our second choice but we had to take it. We tried something new for food. We had seen many signs advertising the McLobster Sandwich. Turned out pretty good. I stuck to a Big Mac for a change and topped it off with baked apple pie. How exciting! We were killing time because we wanted to go back and video the Tidal Bore again. I found a better vantage point and I believe the results were better. We went back and prepared for tomorrow's trip to Peggy's Cove, etc. and watched TV and went to bed with the alarm set for 4:00 AM our time. Crashed.

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