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The Monument to the Flag




Monumento Nacional a la Bandera


The rest of the monument from the tower

The Argentinian Flag


Espacio Cultural "Che" Guevara



Che Guevara's birthplace




We spent today looking around Rosario (two days tourism in as many days? something has gone horribly wrong here!), which is Che Guevara's birthplace. It is quite a quiet place, or at least so it seems after Buenos Aires, so it has been a fairly relaxed day. The country's flag (from what I could make out) was designed here by General Manuel Belgrano, and there is the Monumento Nacional a la Bandera - the monument to the flag, which is a big stone tower over the grave of the general. There is a lift up to the top of the monument from which you can see a lot of the surrounding area and the River Parana which was cool to see. After going to see Che Guevara's birthplace and a square and gardens dedicated to him, we went to an art gallery (we've been told there are a fair few of them here and it is fairly renowned for them).

I am now in the bus station writing this as we wait for our bus up north. We are trying to get up to Posadas on the border with Paraguay, but the "turn up at the bus station and hope there is a bus" routine failed us (annoyingly by about 10 minutes), so we are having to go to Corrientes and change there (although we might stop for a Valerie quick tour of Corrientes since we will be there anyway). The plan at the moment is to go up to Puerto IguacĂș, before going back in to Brazil to the Pantanal for a few days for some activites and wildlife spotting, as well as most likely our first chance to catch some exotic diseases - I can' wait!

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