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The ski slopes above Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka from the overlook

A little rat lost in his maze

Superman holds up the tower!

Wanaka is a little ski-town smack in the middle of a valley ringed with gorgeous snowy mountain. Not as high fallutin as Vail, but every bit as picturesque. We had run out of money at this point, so during our day in Wanaka, we felt like rats trying to find our way through a giant maze at puzzle world, hiked around some frozen mountain passes and threw rocks at a frozen lake instead. Every time we hit the lake, the ice made a deep humming sound as if a creature buried deep inside was dying to escape. We also gave a 24 year old hitchhiker a ride, and she conveniently "forgot" give us any money for petrol at the end of the trip, even though she offered at the start of the trip. Oh well.

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