CHRIS & ANDY'S TRIP '04 travel blog

The lovely Carmen runs the Pensione Isabel II.

Dali sculpture. The entrance to the museum is behind me.

Inside the Dali Museum.

There are 'passengers' in the car and every so often it 'rains'...

Looking through this lens at the top of some stairs all the...

Cool Dali painting.

Jewelry by Dali. The heart actually moved like it was beating. Kinda...

Outside Dali Museum. Yes those are eggs on the roof.

I came here because of the Salvador Dali museum. He converted an old theater when he was still alive in order to have a place in his hometown to show his work. When I got there I didn't have a map to go by so I tried to get some info on where things were. I was pointed in the general direction of the tourist office but overshot the area and walked about 20min. more than I had to. Got pretty sweaty and was glad it wasn't August.

I got to the museum early because my hotel, the Pensionne Isabel II, was about a 1 min. walk away. By the time the place opened there were about 3 groups of school kids crowding the place. Still it a pretty fantastic place. He designed it to be part museum, part funhouse with his paintings and sculptures placed in odd locations-some meant to be viewed through weird lenses and optical effects devices. Hard to explain-trust me-it was strange but great at the same time.

Went to a small supermarket and bought some toothpaste and deodorant and a bag of cookies since I was craving something sweet. Later I went to an internet place and logged about 15 min. before all their machines crashed.

Had a great seafood dish-a sort of paella with mussels, clams, two fillets of something and a couple large crayfish looking things. All in a suace that was great for dipping bread in. I hoped that the fish didn't come back to bite me later that night but all went well and I survived the meal.

I finally got a great big bed and a good sleep. Carmen, who ran the place was very sweet. When I left early in the morning I hadn't yet paid thinking she would be up-she wasn't so I called her name a few times and finally left the money on the nightstand next to the bed. Either she got it or the maid made a killing. Another early walk to the station in the dawn but it wasn't cold so the pack wasn't much of a burden.

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