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Spanish Expo building in Sevilla from 1929






The night before I had the honour of watching the finals of the world cup in a small hole in the wall bar. Filled with old and young spaniards all booing France, and cheering for Italy. It was very cool. The 1 Euro beer with the game was also a nice change. So what did I think of the game. Well, I wasnt sure who to cheer for, on one hand i wanted to cheer for italy as I cheered for them in Barcelona, but then again, I do like France. Then with a minute or two left in overtime my decision was made up, Go Italy. See Zidane, the star player for France headbutted a guy and then was redcarded. This is I think a less violent version of the Bertuzzi incident. On the topic of the Canucks, I have to express my disapointment that my 2 favourite players are gone. Cloutier and Ruttu... boo.

So I went to Cadiz. Cadiz is a blue flag EU beach. Meaning it is officially recognized as one of the top beaches in the world. Although I woke up late and ended up travelling 4 hours for 4 hours of beach time, it was worth it. The sand was the finest I have ever seen, and the water is waist high for at least 500 feet. that is how far I went out, i didnt want to leave my bag unattended too far away. And for those of you who know me and water, waist deep water forever, is awesome.

I also had to rush back to Seville because I had a ticket for a Flamenco show. It was actually in an old sephardic house which had a small sephardic museum in it. ANyways, the Flamenco girl didnt last too long in the 35 degree evening heat, and had to be replaced by this guy who moved his feet faster than I have ever seen someone do. At one point he went in a circle and looked like he was a jackhammer the way he was moving up and down.

The end of the night involved Tapas at a place called Levies. The main touristy part used to also be the Jewish Ghetto. Tapas is awesome for dinner, but what I have really fallen in love with is Gazpacho. Yumm. Oh, and just so you know Lomo is not lamb, but pork loin.

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