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Getting to this place turned out to be far more dramatic then anticipated. Partly my fault I suppose. My last night in Cordoba I was chilling out over a beer and the World Cup match when these two cute girls from Estonia started chatting me up. Turns out they just started their travels of Spain and hadnt met many people so we decided to team up and head out on the town. Was a fun time and all but long story short, I only got in with a few ours to spare for sleep and as a result slept in, only waking up with about 20 mins to get packed, and to the train station... so in a mad dash I was up from my slumber and on my way out the door in a mad panic.

I made it sure enough, only to have my train arrive late in Madrid which caused me to miss my connecter to S.B. which gave me a nice 9 hour break in Madrid (basically sat in a park and ate bread, staired at people, etc) after which I had yet another wonderful experience in the confines of a night train. FYI, these things suck. They are hot, crowded, ackward, and I got locked down with a pair of tag team snorers to boot.

Anyhow, with barely any sleep in the past few days to S.B. I arrived. 6 AM, bright eyed and bushy tailed with no where to stay, a pack that was feeling particularly heavy, and not a hostel with room in sight. I finally gave up till around lunch and lucked out with this one Pension (sort of like spanish for hostel). Feeling thuroughly wiped and unable to check into my room till 4 pm I went for a wander, where I ran into my new Canadian crew of Byron, Adam, and James (and later we added this other guy from T.O., Doug) which is who I spent the remainder of my stay here with booting about. Fun guys.

Basically S.B. is really nice when its sunny, and worthless when its cloudy. So depending on the weather this town can rock or reek. Its got a pretty fun pub life though and gernally speaking the beaches are really nice and picturesque.

**Insert Pamplona entry here**

So, after a few days of fun and sun and our adventures working the local establishments we went our seperate ways. As the Pamplona entry will reveal we all got seperated this morning on the bus home from Pampie as the station is more of a cattle drive then an organized terminal and to my dispointment I only managed to track down doug on the other side... so alas that will be the last I see of the party hardy boys from Edmonton.

Anyway, good to meet and greet new people all the same. Its on to Madrid now to pick up my Visa and then hopefully portugal!

Cheers all,


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