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Brazil vs France


Amdam canal at night


all sorts of intresting stores




cool house boats all over



cool car!

these guys were pretty funny to watch!





Copenhagen, Denmark


opera house


fuzzy hat guys in every country


Little Mermaid

a random church

same church...pretty location

Hamlet castle

sleeping danish hero

thats Sweden in the back!!

Beautiful location for the best Modern Art Museum I've ever been to!...


a bomb sight that has been taken over by artist sqwatters

museum island


besutiful and moving memorial (mother with dying son)

Buddy Bears!!


can you guess this country? LOL

this one is all full of bullet holes...


markers of where the wall was

check point charle...one of the few places you can go to actually...

a piece of the wall

east side

west side

gotta lighten the mood after all this depressing history...

looking at the west side

museum near wall....where there use to be torture cambers

another piece of the wall...the only place with out the death strip...

the controversial memorial

this memeorial is meant to make one feel isolated

world cup germany 2006

fan fest


Another trip...this time I went with my friend Chris to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Berlin...yep all over. Basically, it started with my desire to go to Copenhagen and finding that it is pretty hard to get there from Paris (and really expensive!). So that is how I ended up in the Netherlands and then Germany. Gotta look for the best deals.

Amsterdam was beautiful and I loved the city. We just walked around all day and then sat in the park to cool off and people watch. We did the Van Gogh Museum...good, but I'm not a fan so this wasn't a top sight for me. We also did the Anne Frank house...moving yet disappointing. Not what you would expect. The story of course will bring tears to anyone's eyes, and they did include a lot of quotes from the diary. We walked all over the city during the day, still managed to have some relax time in the park, and we saw all the football matches! Love world cup time! Last but certainly not least we did the red light district. During the day it's pretty slow, but wow night time is crazy! It's basically all tourists and they are in all states of consciousness! Bars, "coffee shops," sex shops, and of course the red lights... a big vending machine of women!

Copenhagen was a bit disappointing and boring after Amsterdam. It was incredibly hot here as well...in the 30s!! We walked around saw some main sights, people watched, saw some football, and ate a lot of candy. The amazing thing about both the Netherlands and Denmark is that everyone and I mean everyone speaks English. Its offensive to ask so you are able to just start talking and they totally understand you. It's a nice change, and important sometimes. It can be lonely not understanding local language...to constantly feel out of the loop can be depressing. We of course had to see the little mermaid...we are in the land of Hans Christian Anderson...and walked around the city to see some pretty buildings and people watch. There are a lot of palace's and castles here. We did a day trip to Hamlet's castle where in the basement we got a free tour and heard all about the sleeping protector of Denmark. My favorite part of this was it was like walking into a freezer it was so cold down under the castle. My favorite visit the whole trip was to the Louisiana (sp?) Modern Art Museum. This was amazing!! The villa is on the coast looking out onto Sweden and beautiful blue water. The museum itself is worth a visit...absolutely fabulous! They have a great collection and that's not all. The gardens are amazing...it's full of sculptures and peaceful grassy nulls. There are trees everywhere and almost always a view of the sea. We decided to get a drink and sit on the grass to catch some sun and just enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. I wanted a bathing suit so badly at this point. People were swimming and enjoying the day, and all I wanted was to join them. The Danish are extremely friendly. Being here really reminded me of home for some reason. The people (ALL blondes by the way...no blending in for me here) were not only really nice, but they had a style and way about them that seemed like home. The only other big commentary about this place was all the candy! It is like your daily baguette...everyone gets their daily bag of candy! Its good stuff too!

Berlin was basically a stop over for us. We had 2 nights but really only one full day so we decided to do a all day walking tour that the hostel was promoting. It was cheap and the best tour I have ever had! It was Brewer's Tours if anyone goes and is interested...they also do half day and specialty tours. The guide was informative and was about to adjust to the needs of the group. There is no set direction or commentary (no script). The history is incredibly depressing, but Victoria managed to keep the group entertained and in high spirits. We saw all the main sights including the wall and heard all about Hitler, the Nazi's, Berlin, and the wall. She was so knowledgeable on the subjects and could answer all our questions. We enjoyed German sausage while sipping German beer. Couldn't have had a better one day in Berlin! It seems like an awesome place to visit and I can't wait to go back. I loved the people, the culture, and the history (even if it's a bit depressing). It seems like a young place with lots to do.

I have to admit that at first I wasn't really looking forward to the trip but it all was wonderful and I would do it all again anytime. Friendly people and awesome weather make amazing vacations!

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