Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

Carolyn at the Baby Grand


Bill came to the Midessa Oil Patch RV Park so I could follow him back to their house in Odessa. We went out for a late breakfast and then drove around a little.

After breakfast they took me to the Chuck Wagon Gang's headquarters to show me their trucks and huge barbeque pits. They travel around the country and even overseas sometimes to cook for large groups. Bill has been in the group for a long time but currently is inactive.

Late this afternoon I drove over to Crane, which is about 30 miles from Odessa, in hopes that my college roommate, Nina, would be back home from Big Lake in time to visit with me a while. That's where they have their sheep. However, they worked late over there so I didn't get to see her.

Bill had told me about a 4H RV park in Crane where, he said, there were seldom more than two or three RVs parked. Did I get a big surprise when I got there and found the RV park totally packed! There were even RVs parked in the road inside the RV park.

I saw a highway patrolman in a lot next to the RV park so I asked him about other possibilities. He directed me to a little rest area near the municipal airport. Yikes! Strike two! There were no utilities. I had just about decided to sleep in my street clothes and try to endure the night.

Strike three! A couple of young men knocked on my door and asked if it would bother me if they set off their fireworks. That did it! I told them that I was just getting ready to go to Odessa to see my cousin. I called Bill to tell them I was heading their way. I slept in air-conditioned comfort in their house.


Today Bill and Carolyn took me out to eat twice. Between meals Carolyn and I played her baby grand piano and sang. She is organist for their church, so she is an excellent musician. I went back to Midessa Oil Patch RV Park to spend another night.

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