WORLD TRAVELS 2005/2006 travel blog

Playing pool at one of the many bars in Lamai

The lovely Koh Samui

Storm approaching at Koh Samui

Being attacked by the Thai girls for massages

Arghh....relaxing by the sea

Drinks for the birthday boy!

We arrived at the airport in Bangkok to find that Bangkok Airways puts on a free spread as well as free internet while you wait for your plane! Excellent, so we filled ourselves up on the free grub. We also got fed on our flight to Koh Samui so we were well and truly stuffed by the time we reached the island.

We got taken to our bungalow on the south side of Lamai and then went and sat by the sea for the rest of the day in the sun - lovely!!

Koh Samui basically has two main towns. Chaweng has a very long beach and loads of posh hotels and is the biggest town here. It's main street stretches for several kilometres and is full of Thai massage places, bars, indian tailors and shops with fake brands. We decided that Chaweng would be busy so opted to stay at Lamai which is smaller. Lamai also has quite a nice beach and the main street is full of the same things....Thai massage, bars and shops selling fake stuff. The difference here is the go-go scene is quite large. Going out in Lamai at night is quite an experience, basically Thai girls sit outside the front of the bars and latch onto every single passing guy to try and get them to go into the bar. Needless to say Shaun and James (when he arrived) stuck to me pretty closely as we walked around! It really was quite seedy actually, although Chaweng also had its fair share of lady-boys.

Koh Samui used to be a bit of a backpacker island until the tourist industry caught up with it. Now there are huge hotels everywhere and loads of package holiday tourists from Europe. This has obviously pushed the prices up so we found it to be quite expensive, especially compared to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Nevertheless, we managed to enjoy ourselves doing nothing much but relaxing for the entire week we were here. James couldn't stay away from us and arrived on the island on Wednesday so Shaun got his drinking and pool playing partner back for a week as well.

Most of the time we spent sitting on the beach and we also went up to Chaweng for a day. We hired scooters for two days and had fun blatting around the island.

The only other thing to say about this is that I got another suit made up for work (it is cheaper in Vietnam) and we had a great crab curry one night at a little local place.

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