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Welcome to Bali!

Pura Basakih (3000ft), the largest Hindu temple in Bali with Mt. Agung...

The temple is still used for ceremonies and worship

Sunrise on tope of the 3142 m9000 ft Gunung Agung, "Mt. Paramount"

Sunset at Besakih

Just can't get enough, notice the last star fading....

We're above the clouds with Gunung Ranjani (3726 m) in Lombock to...

Looking down into Mt. Batur 1717m

Besakih somehow was not destroyed by the 1963 eruption of Agung, most...

Looking down into the stratovolcano, Mt. Batur whose caldera formed 30,000 years...

Update: 31-Aug-06 Well after a few months in and out of Indonesia, I'm now in Malaysia with good Internet access, so I'll try to get caught up. I'm gonna try to be home by the end of September. Well after two weeks in Dilli, I'm no longer needed as our contract has expired, I'm in Bali just in time for summer holidays...uugh. Tourists are everywhere and I'm already getting restless to get away and back into the water. Timor Leste was quite and experience and I'm gonna try to get back here as soon as possible, but haven't I said that about most of the places I've been?

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