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Kia Ora!

Well, Lauren drove Me, Kerry (girl that I met in Mt Maunganui) and Tina, to the otherside of the Coromandel. There was some gorgeous scenery that is just too hard to describe. We were being big kids today though. We got to play at Waiu water works, which is a park where they have made water displays out of old things (basically they've recycled loads of rubbish!!) We were on these bikes that went up and down and made it look like you were saving E.T!! It was sweet!! They also had giant hamster wheels and flying foxes there too. It was a big kids heaven!!

Lauren also took us to a place called Driving Creek Railway. This place has been built entirely by hand, by an ex teacher who'd had enough of the system (I second that motion!!) He basically wanted to bacome a potter full time and built the railway to help him get the clay down from the mountain. It then became a bit of a tourist attraction, but they still make pottery etc there, and he just plows all of the money right back in to the place. He's trying to make it a bit of a national trust thing cos he's planting the native Kauri trees, that were originally there, and just generally restoring loads of stuff back to the way it was. Its really cool to see, cos he's pretty much thought of everything and everyone. He's even built (with the help of friends) a tower at the top of the hill, called the 'Eyeful tower', where you get a fantastic view of the surrounding towns in the Coromandel. Its sweet as.

Anyway, we then had to head back to Thames to catch the connecting bus through to Auckland (boo hiss!) And that's where I'm writing to you from now. Oh well, its not for long. I'm off to the Bay of Islands tomorrow, right up to the tip of NZ to Cape Reinga, where I'm looking to stay for a few days cos there is loads of stuff to do there. so I'll keep you posted.

Well, that's all for now folks, so IBCINYA!!

Chaz x

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