Rebecca and John's Honeymoon in Indonesia, 2006 travel blog

We both woke up around 6:00 and tried to go back to sleep, but the roosters were crowing and the wind was rustling the trees. It sounds a lot like rain when the wind blows through the long, thin leaves of the tropical trees and they rub together, so we were fearing our dives would be cancelled. Then the sun came up. It didn't meander up into the sky as it does back home - it just popped into the sky and it was light. So we got up and headed to the restaurant for breakfast. We both ordered the same food as the previous day, had several coffees, and talked with Josh The Radiologist who had arrived the previous day along with several other people. They were diving, too, so we figured we could talk more with them on the boat, but when we got there they said there were too many people for one boat, so 'Becca and I got a Honeymoon boat with just the two of us, a guide (Wayan), and a driver.

The ride out to Menjangan Island takes about 45 minutes, and for about half an hour of that we were going through a little bit of chop with a good bit of spray, but we didn't mind because the water and the air were warm and the view of the (extinct) volcanoes on Java was spectacular. When we got to the island Wayan and the driver found a particular cave on the island that was filled with bats that we could hear squeeking and see flying around inside the cave. There were several other caves nearby, but they seemed to prefer this one. Wayan briefed us that this site was called "Bat Cave" and that we were going to be doing a drift dive along a wall, not longer than an hour and not deeper than 20 meters. We got geared up pretty quickly (it goes much quicker when you don't have to mess with hoods, gloves, and drysuits!) and backrolled in. We took a few minutes to get settled, then we went for a ride along the wall. Wayan found a Lionfish and various critters. He pointed them out to us, but the current made it just a little difficult to stop and look closely. By the end of the dive we had drifted out of the current and could putter around for our safety stop. When we surfaced we found ourselves less than a hundred yards from where the boat was moored to a pier - I guess they've done this dive before! We removed our gear in the water and climbed up into the boat, then we had lunch. 'Becca had a little bit of "'Becca Heavan" for lunch - cabbage, spinach, tofu, and rice. After lunch we wandered up to one of the temples on (uninhabited) Manjangan Island, and then returned to the boat for the next dive. The second dive was similar to the first, but with less current and more ease. Wayan pointed out some nudibranchs, 'Becca found a lionfish, she and I both found sea slugs, and there were tons of fish all around.

On the ride back to Mimpi we discussed what we had seen and gazed at the scenary in a sort of contented stupor. We got back to the room and they had started to fill the hot tub (it takes about an hour), so we hopped in just hung out. We got a call from Wayan at the airport - both of our wayward bags had arrived and he was sending them to us! We napped and read some more, then headed over for dinner. When we got back to our villa the bags hadn't arrived yet, so I went up to the front desk to see if they were there, nope, and to inquire about Internet connectivity, down at the moment, but it should be up in the next day or so. Shortly after I got back to the room we got the call that our bags had arrived - 'Becca was hopping up and down in happiness because now she had a change of clothes and her own scuba gear. Then we fell asleep at 9:30ish. (Rebecca note: I'd like to mention that, other than scuba gear, I'd been wearing the same clothes for 4 days! I'm so glad that I'd thrown my swimsuit and some clean underwear into my carry-on.)

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