Rebecca and John's Honeymoon in Indonesia, 2006 travel blog

"Proof" that we made it to The Tropics

The boats from which we dived (the ones on the left)

Flowers on some of the trees

What we got for 45,000 Rupia (about $5.40). Even thoough they are...

Our first full day on Bali. Woke up early since Bali is 12 hours off of US East Coast and our body clocks were trying to tell us it was 6 PM. We puttered a bit, then went for breakfast at the restaurant. I had reviewed the Mimpi map that was in the room, so I thought I knew how to get to the restaurant, but when we got there it was empty. So we wandered over to the other restaurant, and that was where we had breakfast. We had ordered our breakfast and were chatting when Bob The Academic came over and introduced himself. He asked if we were the couple that had booked through Reef & Rainforest and arrived yesterday. We admitted that we were and he explained that the staff at Mimpi had been trying to get in touch with our travel agent for a couple of days because they didn't know our arrival flight, but that they had been calling during normal Bali business hours on a weekend. He had also booked through Reef & Rainforst, so they asked him what was up with these slackers (of course they didn't say that, everyone we've met here is way too polite so call anyone a slacker), and Bob let them know the travel agent was probably not in the office over the weekend.

Bob was going on a morning hike, then was leaving Mimpi to go to Alam Indah. I noted that is where we were going next, then to Wakatobi, and he said he was going to Wakatobi after Alam Indah, too. However we are not going to overlap at either of the other places - He'll be at Alam for about three days, then at Wakatobi for seven. We might see each other at the airport because he'll be getting back when we head over there.

We talked with Bob for about half an hour, then ate breakfast. 'Becca and I both had a fruit plate with yoghurt, then she had fried rice with a fried egg and I had a rice porridge with chicken stock, a hard boiled egg, and bits of fried onion. This is what breakfast is supposed to be - solid, filling, and not sweet. The coffee was great; they didn't mention if it was Indonesian and I am not enough of a coffee conneseuir to be able to tell, but we both liked it.

After breakfast I went to the front desk and they called the airport - still no news of our bags. Wiyan promised to call us when he found something.

Because we were still very jet lagged we decided to not commit to doing too much this day. After breakfast we wandered to the local village, which was about a kilometer away. On the way we saw many local people and little food shops and the like. There were several chickens under inverted baskets, and a section of the road that was being "paved" by about 30 people. Some were carrying big gravel and putting it on the road bed, then some others would spray hot tar on that, then still others would put finer gravel on top of the tar. There was a steam roller to pack it all down, but we didn't see them using it. Almost everyone we passed said hello to us and many asked where we were from and where we were going. The village was mostly a place on the road with a few more buildings and a small temple, so we turned around and wandered back, saying hi to all the people we had just walked past. We stoped in to one of the little food shops to get some bottled water, and they had ~22 ounce beers there, too, so we bought a couple of those. When I asked "How much", the lady punched 45,000 into her calculator and showed it to me. I know I'm supposed to haggle, but 45,000 Indonesian Rupia is about $3, so I didn't.

The rest of the day was sort of blurry (and no, it wasn't because of the beers - we put them in the fridge when we got back). We went swimming in the pool, hung out in the big "communal" hot tub, napped, read, and signed up for the next day's dives. Sometime during the day we got a call from Wiyan - they had my duffle bag at the airport and had located 'Becca's big red bag and it was on the way. He wanted to know if we wanted them to send the duffle now and the red bag the next day, or if it was OK to send them both together. Together was fine. Since we then knew 'Becca's gear would not arrive in time for the dives, we got her fitted for a rental BC, wetsuit, and fins.

When we got to the restaurant for dinner they seated us at a table inside with a table cloth and a little parasol. 'Becca ordered a soup with dinner that came with a very good hot & sweet sauce - it seemed like molasis and habenero. I put some of that into my suop, and I eventually found the pepper bit; it was hot enough to give me the hiccups and make me sweat. Mmmmmm. The rest of the food was excellent, too. As we were getting ready to go back to the room and fall asleep, the manager came over to us carrying a cake with some of the waitstaff carrying plates and forks. He explained to us that they have a tradition for honeymooners. He sang us "Can't Help Falling In Love", which Peggy sang at our wedding, and "made" us dance. Since we didn't dance at our wedding, this was our first dance together. Then we cut the cake and served pieces to all of the guests there at dinner (there were 14 others). And they brought us blue drinks with three pieces of fruit cut like birds on the rims. At the end the manager asked us to sign their honeymooners guest book - we saw entries from Belgium, Taiwan, the US, and several other places I can't remember. It was a wonderful surprise!

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