Rebecca and John's Honeymoon in Indonesia, 2006 travel blog

The first thing that struck me while we were driving through Denpasar was the number of motorcycles and scooters. When the car and truck traffic was slow, the motorcycles were passing us on both sides, but since many of them had three people or a person or two and some sort of cargo, they didn't actually go very fast, and when the four-wheel traffic started to move we had to pass the motorcycles. It appeared to be Good Form for the car drivers to toot their horns when they were about to pass the motorcycles. Not so much the question, "May I pass you?" as the statement, "I will pass you". However, the roads are, at most, two lanes wide, and those lanes are narrowere than in the US and they were usually carrying both car and motorcycle traffic.

The driver did not know a lot of English, so we didn't much description about what we were seeing. The first hour was pretty interesting - going through Denpasar and into its outlying suburbs, Then up into the hills and through many small villages. THen the driver stopped and asked for directions, and I think he was told he was on the correct road. Shortly after that 'Becca fell asleep. The driver was obviously getting concerned about time and was driving faster and passing other cars, motorcycles, trucks, and a bus, whenever he could. Finally, after about three hours driving, and about 40 hours after we left home, we arrived at Mimpi Menjangan. I (over)tipped the driver, we signed in, and they showed us to our room. We were going to go to the 24 hour restaurant to eat dinner, but we ended up eating some trail mix, soaking in the hot tub, and then falling asleep early.

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