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Cathedral in Porto Allegre


Well, I was going to spend a couple of nights in Porto Alegre, but the bus company has different plans... They said that there aren't any buses to Montevideo tomorrow or the day after, and since I want more than three days in Uruguay, it looks like I'm off tonight, on another 12 hour journey having only had 12 hours here! Which means that this is my last day in Brazil. Its been fantastic - from the craziness of Rio to the sheer bliss of Ilha Grande to the surprise that a city can be the size of Sao Paulo its been a lot of fun.

Porto Alegre is OK - there's more here than in Curitiba. The first thing that I did when I got here was to very nearly break my thumb, but undeterred I got to the hostel and went straight to sleep for a few hours (after very nearly breaking the window in my room). Went to a museum about the history of Rio Grande do Sul today - the guide book promised that there were special moustache cups there, but sadly I didn't see any (or didnt't recognise one), so I'm still a bit mystified as to what one is. I discovered that although I still can't speak any Potuguese, I can still read a bit (although a single paragraph was taking about 10 minutes to translate, and I'm sure the curator was looking at me as if I was stupid because I was staring for so long)

Right, time for some hostel hunting in Motevideo. I'm determined not to get another one with no hot water, and one that looks like it might have some people in it might be good too! I also have to try to negotiate some money back from the hostel, as I paid for two nights and won't even be staying for one!

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