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Terelj National Park

Terelj National Park

Aloha From Mongolia

Tourist Ger Camp

Horse Riding Terelj NP

Verimay And Justus From Holland

Justus Takes In The View Of Terelj NP


Bactrian Camel (Two Humps)

SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2006. GORKHI-TERELJI NATIONAL PARK, MONGOLIA. About 55 kilometers northeast of UB is Gorkhi-Terelji National Park (Terelji). I arranged an overnight trip to the park through UB Guesthouse ($25 accommodation, transport, meals, and horseback riding). There were four in our group: Kim from Seoul, Korea; Justus and Verimay from Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and me. It's only an hour drive from UB on a sealed road, making this a very easy and pleasant destination. Our ger camp was at the base of a huge rock formation, with a commanding view of the valley below. I took a hike into the mountains above our camp for some great vistas in all directions. In the afternoon, our group took a horseback ride into the valley and around a small golf course. These horses were just as obedient and responsive as the one I rode in Khovshol Lake. It was Kim's first time on a horse. For a 55-year old Korean man, he did a great job of riding for the first time. We ended the day with an early dinner after which Kim supplied a bottle of Chinggis Khan vodka and I supplied the orange juice for an evening of screwdrivers and travellers' tales.

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