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Saturday 62406

Into everyone's life, chance plants an off day. Today was our turn to get one. First, we awoke to extreme fog. Visibility only about 200 yards. We waited as long as we could but had to tough it out and drive to the Ferry at Wood Island. It was about 60 miles of nothing to see but a white line to the right and one or two yellow ones to the left. When we arrived at the Ferry, we could not see the loading ramp even though we were at the front of our row. Finally, car lights appeared out of the fog and the ship was being unloaded. It seemed that there was no end to the stream of vehicles. At last it stopped and we started loading. I did not ever see the ship except for the gaping ramp opening. Fortunately we drove all the way through the ship to the front end. Only one pickup truck was in front of us. Another motor home was parked behind us. We met the nice couple who owned it and had breakfast with them while the ship crossed the channel to Nova Scotia. We exchanged cards and wished that we would meet again. Their names are and they live in Sidney, NS. We invited them to visit us in Savannah and they asked us to contact them when we reached Sidney. Hope we meet up with them again. Fog finally lifted, only to be replaced by rain. We stopped for gas and got trapped in a station without adequate turning space. Difficult time unhooking the car in the rain, but finally we were back on our way. It is a good distance to our campsite at Baddeck, NS. Hilly roads and not much to see here except Bras Dor Lake near Badeck. Rain never did stop so we decided this would be a good day to rest up. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. At least the campsite is very good. It is level and has easy access to hookups. Think I will take a nap. Later!

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