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Paradise Beach on Mykonos

Greek Church that appears in all the photos!

Little Paradise Beach.

Mykonos with its white buildings

The ferry I had to jump from!

Hello all,

Well, firstly an apology. With me (Dan) heading down to Athens, and Em to Paris with her folks, it was supposed to be an opportunity for twice as many stories and twice as many photos.... this was until the weekend, when the camera was stolen from the rental scooter, so sorry, but I do have some stories!

Firstly, I said goodbye to Frosty, Sarah, Emma and her parents and boarded an overnight plane for Athens. It arrived at 3am, and not having accomadation booked for the night, I thought I'd try my luck at a (very) early check in. So I drearily stumbled onto a bus supposedly bound for Athens. It was a great trip, with a beautiful sunrise over the water, but turns out there is no water on the way to Athens, and I ended up about an hour south, in the port of Piraeus. A quick calculation and I decided it was easier to forgoe the booking fee and was on the 7.30 ferry out to Mykonos, in the Greek Isles. It was a beautiful, but long, 6 hour ride out, and I was very happy to check into the nearest hotel for some sleep!

I spent the first few days exploring around the town of Mykonos, with its narrow, winding cobbled streets making navigation impossible... but it was a great place to get lost amongst the sea of white. Plenty of time was spent soaking up the sun in the endless pubs and restaraunts overlooking the bay, which is constantly alive with ferries, luxury boats and cruise liners, all coming in so close I could lob my empties onto them with ease. There is actually a faint haze over all the Greek Islands from the amount of water traffic, it is unreal!

Another highlight was the ambitious hiring of a scooter (apart, obviously from the camera dissappearing from the locked box whilst taking a dip...). I say ambitious because not only do these Greeks drive on the wrong side of the road, but they do it without fear on the pothole filled, windey, narrow (1.5 car wide) roads. Anyway, I managed to explore some of the island, with blindingly white buildings on every cliff, beautiful bays, and the "beaches". One of them was called "Paradise", with crystal blue water, and the beach well, was a sea of bodies, some with bathers (or swimmers, Em), soaking up the sun amongst the hut umbrellas. The beach was only around 500m long, but hosted 6 bars/clubs, all within 30m from the waters edge... paradise.

Anyway, I have safely returned the scooter, but managed to misplace my return leg ticket to Athens. I found it and made it to the ferry, where I waited for everyone else to board. It was not until they were lifting the runway onto the ferry that I realised everyone was waiting for another ferry... I managed to run the length of the pier and jump onto the receeding runway while the ferry was pulling away, much to the horror of the staff, and delight of the crowd - backpack and all!

So I have made it to Athens, where the Acropolos and plenty of other sites await.


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