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Colin's Preschool Graduation

Elizabeth's Dance Recital

Ellsworth AFB SD Entrance

Black Hills Quilt Show 001

Black Hills Quilt Show 002

Ellsworth Motorcycle Course

Horse Ride at Custer State Park

Marcus in HS Play

We've been a bit remiss about updating our website and we apologize to any visitors who stopped by to check up on us. Friday (6/9), we were sitting on the tailgate of our pickup admiring the sunset from the Cabela's RV Park in Sidney, NE. For the first time in nearly a month, we were able to open the windows and door on our RV and enjoy a cool evening breeze. We ran the a/c almost constantly during our month in Lincoln. The humidity was high and daytime (and some evening) temps hovered between the upper 80s or low nineties most of the time. (No sympathy from you folks down in Texas!) Guess the cool Colorado Rocky Mountain air and breezes spoiled us. We brought rain to Great Bend, where it came down nearly non-stop the 1st week of May. Fortunately, the great cooking and unending deserts prepared by Emily's mom, Mary Anne, brightened our days. We also enjoyed seeing brother and sister-in-law Dave and Sandy and their aspiring actor-son, Marcus, who was on stage in a one-act play performed at the Great Bend High School (see photo). We spent the remaining 3 weeks and first week of June in Lincoln, where we visited Mark and Julie and our grand kids Colin (5) and Nolan (16 months). From our RV campsite in Lincoln, we made several trips to Omaha (about 60 miles), where we visited Justin and Jennifer and our other 2 grand kids, Elizabeth (4) and Ethan (2). The highlights of our Nebraska visit were Colin's "graduation" from preschool (photo) and Elizabeth's dance recital at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha (photo). It was wonderful seeing the kids and grand kids again and sad leaving them. We arrived at the Ellsworth AFB RV Park just to the east of Rapid City about 4:00 pm Saturday, June 10th. There were plenty of available sites at this well-maintained, quiet park. Ellsworth is a huge base, and if it were not for the occasional B-1 bomber takeoffs and landings, it almost seems eerily quiet. The Black Hills are visible off to our west and Rapid City is no more than a 15-minute drive in that direction. Sunday, June 11, Emily attended a quilt show put on by the Black Hills Quilters Guild (photos). Joe got his fishing license, and plans to fish for trout at a nearby lake. Although we've seen some high temps in the low 90s, when we arrived they were in the upper 70s. The evenings and nights have been cool enough to open the windows - nice sleeping weather. During the week, Joe joined a few motorcyclists at a Basic Motorcycle Course sponsored by the base safety office (photo). Saturday (6/17), we went horseback riding for 2 hours in Custer State Park. (photo) It was on our list of things to do before we're unable to do them (like the balloon ride!). Joe had never ridden before, while Emily hadn't ridden since age 8 or 10. For 2 long, long, hours we made our way along the 12-mile trail, over hills and through rocky streams. Most of the ride was at a snail's pace. Occasionally and sometimes unexpectedly, our horses would decide to gallop. Then sometimes they would decide not to gallop when we wanted them to. Emily's horse, Stardust, who was just in front of Joe's horse, Trixie, really preferred a slower pace than the rest of the pack even though Emily tried to persuade her to move on by kicking her with her stirrups. Trixie was a great horse, although our guides had to keep reminding Joe to tighten up on the reins to keep her from grazing every so often. We're glad we took the ride and added the experience to our "check-off list," but we'll probably be reminded of the experience every time we sit down for the next 2 weeks! We planned to leave Ellsworth July 2, but the cool evenings and nights and comfortableness of Rapid City may change our minds. Lately, we' ve been thinking that we might stay here until July 7. By the 9th or 10th of July, we have to be in Denver, where we'll meet up with many family members to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Emily's uncle Bob and aunt Karol. After a couple of weeks in Denver, we'll be returning to our favorite RV park at the AF Academy in Colorado Springs, where we plan to stay for a month -- or maybe 2!!! Then . . . . . stay tuned!

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