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What a hunk

Camera Queen Rachel

For Mom; see... I havent totally withered away!

The Girls

You would never believe how long she held this for...

The town w/flo stealing frame

So I have spent the last few days chilling out at Florentines family getaway in Biscarrosse Plage here in the south of France. It is absolutely stunning out here. Endless beach, beautiful weather (and girls), soft warm sand and rolling waves to surf on, fresh mussels, biking, icecream, and of course I get to wander around with three lovely ladies all week. Other then that it's nothing special though... likely not much better then hanging in an office or plugging out your day in the shop.

I want to take a moment to say hi to all the boys back home. Ha...Mwa Ha... Mwahahahaha

But yah it's totally beautiful here in the heart of French wine country. No wonder everyone in Paris is so retentive, they are trying to keep us from discovering their backyard.

I did end up getting stranded on my way out here though and having to spend a night in a bus station (bordeaux) full of weirdos and freaks. Luckily, I teamed up with a french girl and we took turns sleeping and playing security...although I think we both fell asleep at one point lol

Thank you to Flo once again for inviting me out to spend time with you girls. I had quite a good time... quite as in most excellent that is. Thanks to Rachel for the book (half done, really like it, cant wait to start loving myself lol) and the insightful run which was great (16km???). Alex, thank you for the tasty food and most sensual applications of after-sun, and the hilarious imitations of your parents arguing haha.... And thanks Flo for everything. I don't have patience for with this keyboard enough to list all the things I could be thanking you for but your friendship has been a most excellent mix of creature comforts and intellectual insights that I consider myself nothing less then incredible fortunate to have made your acquaintance. I really do hope we all cross paths again someday.

I had a lot of fun.

Cheers Ladies,


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