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It's Thursday June 15th and the weather is not certain. Slight rain early this morning but it has stopped by 6:30. The drive from Hermon to Calias, yesterday, was through true Maine backwoods. We went as much a 10 miles at a time without any sign of human involvement other than the road. Beautiful but spooky. Calias is nothing like I remember, just a sleepy little town. It does have a Walmart. Anne & I spent a good bit of time at the Visitor's Center Wednesday afternoon. They have an open Internet LAN, which will serve as our access for the next few days. The Verizon Air card is a disappointment and I am locked into it for 2 years. We wont be able to use it for a solid month while we are in Canada. I am going to try to get them to waive a month's fee but I probably wont succeed. Anne is still sleeping and I am writing this in word with the intention to paste into the journal this evening or tomorrow. I may not be able to include pictures but I will try. More later.

Weather did improve for a while, so we drove South along the shore of Passsamaquoddy Bay. We visited Pleasant Point and Eastport & an Indian village, Sipayik, located on the Passsamaquoddy Reservation. We started to go further down to Lubec and over to Roosevelt Campobello International Park but turned back when I discovered I had left my wallet in the Motor Home. It required going through the border and we could not without my drivers license. We will try again tomorrow. Back in the MH we indulged in a huge breakfast, took a nap and then looked for a Laundromat. We might as well catch up laundry, weather not good for sightseeing. Stopped for Ice Cream on the way back. When we arrived, the campground was full of kids, most of them were in swimming. I don't know how they do it. The water is ice cold. I had picked up my e-mail while we were in town so spent the evening responding and writing this journal entry. Took some pictures today but don't know if they will be any good because of the rain. I hope one of them showing the tidal range in the Bay is OK. The range here looks like more than 20 feet. More tomorrow.

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