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Dehli living metaphor

Dehli bulldozed slum

By the time we arrived into Dehli for our final night in India, we had it down. We must have even had a new look about us, because we could move about without being harassed. We flagged down tuk tuk drivers with ease and didn't even have to haggle, as the drivers could sense we had been thru the rigmarole before.

Tommy met a young accomplished Indian journalist for a couple of drinks to talk about the tigers, while I explored a bit on my own. I saw Dehli in a new light. No longer was I intimidated by the masses and the city. It was a much better feeling than when we first arrived.

When it was time to go to the airport to fly to Bangkok, we were ready for a change of pace. After seeing India with my own eyes, I have a newfound interest to watch the changes that are bound to take place in the years to come as the country is marching forward to become a bigger player in world. My hope is India finds a way to become less of a feudalistic society. Instead of there being such a prejudice based on class and status, children are able to make a life for themselves instead of it being decided for them before they are even born. Anything is possible!


Check out the book 'A Fine Balance' to get a good picture of the caste system that seems pretty right on even today.

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