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Giant Sequoia Trees - Sequoia National Park

The General Sherman Tree - The tallest living thing!!

General Sherman Tree .... from the bottom ....

... to the top ....

Tammy with a couple of 'giants' ...

Moro Rock (and bit of twisty road) from the bottom ...

Views of National Park whilst walking up Moro Rock

'Pathway' up Moro Rock

Just park of the most challenging road we've travelled on so far...

View from top of Moro Rock of National Park

Michael driving through 'tree tunnel'

The Meadow ... in the forest ... in Spring this would be...

The Parker Group of trees ...

It was back up the windiest road to explore the rest of the park.

Our first stop was the General Sherman Tree which is the largest tree in the world. It was named in 1879 by a Civil War veteran. The height of the tree is approximately 274.9 feet (83.3 m) and aged at between 2,300 - 2,700 years old. This tree was surrounded by many large / giant sequoia trees where we took a wee walk around dwarfed by their size.

We drove through the "tunnel log" - which is a fallen sequoia tree that has been tunnelled through and you can drive your car through it!!

We went to Moro Rock. I continued the 1/4 mile hike up to the top of the granite dome for the 360o panaramic views of the "Great Western Divide".

We didn't do much walking today - unfortunately - but we definately enjoyed what we saw.

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