Adrienne and Steve's Journey 2005/6 travel blog

The road to the monastery

Adrienne at the monastery

We got here yesterday on the Dodecanese Express catamaran. We were met at the gates by a veritable horde of room and hotel proprietors all waving names and pictures and shouting at us to take their room. Having avoided one unpleasant chap, I was captured by another woman, and gave in to her persistence. Am I glad I did. We are in an apartment, which the lady lives in out of season. It is huge and beautiful

We have been up to the monastery of St John, and the holy cave of the Revelation. We walked up to the Monastery up the old cobbled path, and managed to miss the tour buses and cruise liners. The church in the monastery was wonderful. Apart from being beautiful, with very old wall paintings and lots of icons, it was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. It had that atmosphere that I have sometimes found in places that have been spiritually important over a long time. Delphi, and Chester Cathedral are two other places I have felt this very strongly. It is almost tangible.

We have also been to a couple of beaches - you will be surprised to hear - and had some good meals. We plan to move on Saturday, probably to Kos and then on down.

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