Tripping 2005/06 travel blog

Deep in research - chicken or pork?

First glance of Olla ruins

High on a mountain

Inca settlement

Almost i tact

Admiring the irrigation system

The new Inca king

Village on a hill side

What is it with Incas and steep stairs?


Ollatoytambo in shadows

Tiny doorways

Steve's climbing wall

There he goes

Close up on Olla

How did they get there?

Made it all the way up!

Houses are suprisingly spaceshes

Still standing

And so is Steve, after all that climbing

Well below our feet

Somewhere in the distance

Spot the ruin

Bring me offerings pesents

Getting a bit windy

Can't move anymore

Can't remember what was so funny

Just being silly

14/6 A bit of a set back this morning. Somehow we lost Lenka's day bag, so we have to buy a new one. Dam. Leave the big bags in the hotel and set out to find a bag and a bus to Urubamba. Caught a local bus to Urubamba for the price of all of 3 soles. All we want to do is sleep, but the countryside of the Sacred Valley is awesome. Really high mountains with lots of terraces. It all looks like it's been painted. At Urubamba we roll straight out of the bus and into a minibus packed to the rim and 2 life sheep tied to the roof. The journey was short but eventful. Lenka was having a bad time with all the kids on board. Then something happened to crack her up. Sheep on the roof started peeing, this run down the side of the bus and into the open window and all over Steve. Lenka laughed her head off. The locals were a bit more polite and just giggled under their breath. Steve not a happy bunny. At Ollantaytambo we have lunch on the plaza (yes, you've guessed it Plaza de Armas), leave the bags with the owner and head off to explore the ruins. We should have paid 70 soles for tourist tickets covering 16 sites or 40 soles for a number of Inca ruins but instead we've paid 20 soles as the ticket seller took a pity on us. We made sure we've got our moneys worth. Steve decided to climb on rocks up to an old house, whilst Lenka (the sensible) used the stairs. From there around the complex and up a steep hill. This time it was Lenka who started to climb. Some of Steve's goat genes must've rubbed on her. It was a nice climb with beautiful views. It was getting cold so we headed back to the village and ordered pancakes. We also bought postcards, including Lenka who already sent 3 to her mum and dad, yes 3!! Our train leaves at 8pm. Whilst waiting for our backpacker train we see the 1st class go by - wow - still not worth $500 dollars return. Our train leaves on time. Can't see anything so sleep all the way. On arrival everyone walks up to the plaza where all the hostel touts are. All have signs for their place, being held back by one policeman - pretty well behaved compared to the same scene we seen in India. Some guy approached us on the sly says 'room for 20' we say has it got a TV? Of course he replies. After we have climbed the hill the room is a dump and no TV. We leave go next door, get a room for 30 soles, no TV but a nice room.

14.6 Rano jsme zjistili, ze jsme ztratili muj maly batoh a tak musime jit koupit novy. Nechali jsme velke batohy v hotelu a vyrazili na trh koupit batoh. Od tud jsme jeli taxikem na zastavku autobusu do Urubamba za 3 soles. V autobuse se nam chce spat, ale priroda je tak nadherna ze nam to neda. Vysokanske hory, reka a vsechno to vypada jak namalovane na platne. V Urubamba jsme vystoupili a hned nas nahnali do maleho autobusu narvaneho lidmi a se dvema ovcemi privazanymi na strese. V autobuse bylo plno deti, ktere breceli, jedli a nebo kaslali a ja jsem se tesila az vystoupime. Cesta byla docela kratka, jen 45 min a nic moc se nedelo az na jeden legracni okamzik. Jedna z ovci zacala curat a vsechno to steklo po strane autobusu a skrz otevrene okno na Steva. Ja se musela smat, nahlas a mistni se jen tak pochychotavali. Steve nebyl moc nadseny, ale prezil to. V Ollantaytambo jsme si dali obed na namesti (ano opet namesti Plaza de Armas), nechali jsme tu batohy a vyrazili se podivat na zriceniny. Meli jsme platit 70 soles na 16 atrakci, nebo 40 soles na nekolik Inca zricenin, ale prodavacka nam dala listky za 20. Asi nas ji bylo lito. Steve se rozhodl jit lezt po nejakych sutrech k domecku na kopecku. Ja, protoze mam rozum jsem pouzila schody. Byla to stejne namahacka. Od tud jsme se sli podivat po komplexu a nakonec jsem to byla ja kdo se rozhodl jit vylezt na kopec a podivat se na jine zriceniny. Nejak mi to nedalo a musela jsem taky lezt. Pohled byl nadherny a stalo to za to. Zacinalo se stmivat a udelala se zima a tak jsme vyrazili zpatky do vesnice. Tam jsme si dali palacinky a i kdyz uz jsem poslala domu 3 pohledy, rozhodla jsem se poslat dalsi. Ja vim, ja jsem tak dobra. Vlak jel ve 20.00 a tak jsme si to namirili na zastavku. Cekali jsme na nas vlak a videli prvni tridu jak si to profrcela okolo. Byl to krasny vlak s obsluhou na stribre. Stejne to nestalo za $500 dolaru. Byla tma a tak jsme nic nevideli a Steve prospal celou cestu. Kdyz jsme dorazili na misto vsichni hotelari stali za pomyslenou carou s cedulkami hotelu a kontrolovani jednim policajtem. Byli docela poslusni, na rozdil od Indie. Jeden chlapek se k nam prifaril a nabydl nam pokoj za 20 soles i s televizi. Kdyz jsme ale vysplhali kopec a videli pokoj ktery byl hrozny a nemel televizi, rozhodli jsme se jit o dum dal. Za 30 soles jsme nasli pekny pokoj sice bez televise ale on to Steve vydrzi.

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