Tripping 2005/06 travel blog

Vegetable gardens

Bus terminal

Locals waiting for delayed bus

Just outside Chivay

In the valley

Climbing high

More Inca terracing

The most Inca terracing in one place

Chivay in Colca Valley

One of our passangers - yes the goat

Close up


How flat can it get?

Towering over the flat planes

Local art

Why on earth are they getting off here?

Spot the alpacas

Or is it lamas

How uggly


Somewhere on the way to Arequipa

A big factory in the middle of nowhere

10/6 We've arrived at Chivay around 11.30. The best thing was that we got away with paying, because they thought we're part of a tour group. Make some enquiries where to stay. Got a hostel in walking distance (we later discover that everything is walking distance) of the terminal. Nice room with hot shower, all for the grand price of 20 Sols. Wa've had an early lunch than take a taxi to the hot pools. The pools were nice, although a bit too man made for us. We could only stay there for about ½ hr and than went back to the town. Then from nowhere Lenka come down with Steve's cold. She was gone. So we went to bed. Dragged ourselves out of bed for dinner. Then straight back to bed.

11/6 Went to the terminal at 8AM and got breakfast in a tiny café whilst watching football. Bus was late. Nothing new here. On route Lenka tool lots of photos of the countryside. At our destination we bought tickets to Cuzco for tomorrow. Went back to town to pick up our bags. Taxi drivers are trying it on with the prices, but we are not buying it. At the hotel Steve settles down to watch football. Lenka goes to get a take out. Our first in SA. Chicken and chips. Eat this on the bed watching TV. Later we go check out the Cinema. Nothing new. Steve buys a new jacket.

10.6 Dorazili jsme do Chivay okolo 11.30. Nejlepsi na te ceste bylo, ze se nam podarilo tam dojet bez placeni, protoze pruvodci si myslel ze jsme s jednou turistickou skupinou. Zeptali jsme se kde je dobry hotel a bylo nam jich nekolik doporuceno. Na malinke mestecko je tu spoustu hotelu. Vybrali jsme si jeden blizko nadrazi, ale jak jsme pozdeji zjistili oni jsou vsechny blizko nadrazi. Pokoj byl velky a s horkou sprchou a stal jen 20 soles. Sli jsme brzy na obed a pak jeli taxikem do horkych lazni. Byly dobre, i kdyz trochu moc upravene ale varici. My jsme tam vydrzeli asi jen ½ hodiny a pak jeli zpatky do mesta. Ja jsem z niceho nic dostala Stevovo rymu a tak jsme sli do postele. Vecer me Steve vytahl na veceri, ale pak hned zas do postele.

11.6 Sli jsme na zastavku v 8 a dali si snidani v malinke kavarnicce a divali se na fotbal. Autobús prijel pozde, ale to neni nic noveho. Jelaos nami i jedno kuzle. Zeny v teto oblasti nosi krasne kroje. Cestou jsem toho nafotila spoustu. V Arequipa jsme koupili jizdenky do Cuzco na zitra vecer. Taxikari se snazili na nas vydelat, ale my se nedali. V hotelu jsme vyzvedli batohy, ubytovali se a Steve se usadil na posteli a cucel na fotbal. Ja jsem sla koupit obed a prinesla ho do hotelu. Meli jsme kure s hranolkami. Nase prvni jidlo "doma". Pozdeji jsme sli do kina podivat se jestli davaji neco noveho. Nedavali a tak si Steve alespon koupil bundu. Je hezka.

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