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Hi Guys,

I'm beginning to wonder if the "happenings" will ever end, though this one wasn't fun or funny.

We're on our way from Golden, CO to Greeley, CO to attend a Good Sam Club Rally. Everything's going along fine, it's only about an hour away. We're on I-25 which is a 6-lane highway and of course we're in the far right lane because we only go about 50mph. All of a sudden Tim says, we've had a blow-out, I say, no way I didn't feel anything, he says no, not the RV, it's a blow-out on the tow-dolly and he's seen smoke. We pull over, we're on a bridge over other streets so there's only enough room for the RV. We literally are so close to the cement embankment that the steps can't go down and we're about 6" off the white line for the lane of traffic. Ok now THIS is scary because we hear all the time in FL about people getting killed along the side of a road.

We can't figure out what happened, the plastic fender on the dolly is gone, in little pieces all over the freeway. The very thick long bracket, about 2ft, that bolts onto the frame and the fender bolts onto it, is split, a long crack all the way around and is now rubbing on the tire, brand new tire. We just couldn't believe it. Tim, with his butt stuck out in the road, is trying to use a large pipe wrench to bend the bracket away from the tire but can't even budge it.

All of a sudden two men walk up, apparently they were behind us and while trying to dodge the pieces of broken up fender, ran over something that made two long scratches and deep dents down his drivers door. After much, and I do mean much, discussion we all agree that the plastic fender could not have done the damage to his truck. His passenger said that there was a piece of metal in the road and apparently Tim did not see it, the RV didn't run over it but the tire of the dolly did. Running over it apparently cracked the bracket and bent it into the tire and twisted it enough that the fender broke off.

We drove very slow and got off at the next exit and with much mumbling Tim finally was able to get the two bolts off and take off the whole bracket. You just can't imagine what an ordeal this was. I was so afraid that Tim was going to get hit, cars were going by at 70 mph. When it was finally over with all I could think about was all the possibilites that could have happened. With that guy jerking all over the road to miss the broken up fender, there could have been a horrible, multi car wreck, etc. etc. But our precious God protected us again, which is why we pray every morning for God to send His guardian angels to watch over us. I think They need a raise, it's a big job watching out for us.

Well after the episode at Pikes Peak and now this, our nerves are a mess. Both of us are still having a real problem breathing along with lots of head and chest congestion. Golly I sure wish our bodies would act like our minds, I'm 25 and Tim's 30, it's only our bodies that are old.

While we were leaving the Denver area, we took the opportunity to try and locate the Funeral Home where Tim's first child, Paul Timothy Tracy Jr. had been cremated after living only 3 days, this was 46 years ago. The Home had changed names and it was quite the adventure to investigate it, find the new owners and locate the place. We were able to take some picture of the chapel and the Tower of Memories. This was very important to Tim and I'm so glad we were able to do it while we were out in the area.

We have to remember that we are on an adventure and that means that sometimes the road is on the mountain top and sometimes you're in the valley, BUT, all added together makes wonderful memories and that's what life is all about, right!!!

Love to you ALL and keep us in your prayers,

Tim & Marilyn

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