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Nice start to the day, get some water into it.

The first view of the temple

On our way to the sports fields

Lets play, You can win

It turns out the man of the match gets the honor of...

The wall with images of the skulls of those honored to be...

Us at the Temple

The natural limestone wells, why the Mayans were here

Out of the bush, into the Mayan world

The Warriors quarters

We could actually climb the observatroy

This is the kings palace

Looking into the palace

More Palace

Lunchtime Entertainment, Dancing and spinning


The Mayan Temples here were absolutely amazing

It's unbeleivable how organised and mathematically intelligent an ancient society like the Mayans are.

Shell was in tears again (this means its the most amazing thing she's ever seen. I've been learning)

The bus broke down on the way there, so we were stuck in the heat for an hour or so till the driver fixed the problem (apparently it happens alot).

We were taken on a tour around Chichen Itza when we arrived and learnt some interesting info.

The Mayans built the big Pyramid Temple with 365 steps (their days in a year), 2 sets of 9 Levels (their months in a year, 18) and the steps facing exactly the four compass points.

During the equinox the temple steps and shadows throw a snake shaped light on the side of another set of steps.

The snake is the Mayan god of fertility.

Mayans also used to practice human sacrifice, though Michelle wouldn't volunteer for it.

There is some nice carvings of a guy getting his head cut off, i got a nice photo. It shows snakes coming out of his neck, apparantly a sign it brings you closer to god.

On the way home went to visit a cave, with a hole in the roof to ground level. It was a beautiful spring so we all went swimming in the water to cool off a bit. Apparantly the sun shines nicely through the hole into the water if your bus doesn't break down and delay you from an hour.

We had an amazing day though.

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