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Our visit in the mountains, this is the house of one of...

Kids anxiously trying to open their gifts!




The closest we got to a group picture!




mmm... cake


We are almost done our trip here! Its sad but feels really good at the same time!

We were lucky enough to go on a visit in the mountains with the staff at the nutrition center on our last day. We went to a poor area of progresso to visit some of the children who had once been at the nutrition center. It was an unbelievably eye opening experience for us. Their houses, if you could call them that, were made of tarps or sheets, they barely stood ground and often housed 6+ people. Despite this Miriam said that there were much poorer areas in honduras and these families were doing very well by being able to feed their children and keeping everything clean. We got to see the school the children go to in the poorer parts. There is no furniture so the kids have to bring their own chair and the older children are responsible for all the younger ones. We realized how lucky the children at the Hogar are to have everything that they do, and most of all how fortunate we are in canada! We really did take things for granted. For example laundry, food, school, electricity, running water, waste disposal, etc.

Following the visit, we were very lucky to have a nice lunch prepared for us by the wonderful cook at the nutrition center with ice cream and all! Our final preparations have included preparing a package for two daughters of the staff here with clothes, shampoo and stuff, we also wrapped little packages for all the kids with the gifts that renees mom had bought, bought some cake, made cards and said our goodbyes. Everyone was very grateful for our help and are awaiting our return. One day after we pay off all of our student loans! ha ha

We were also invited for dinner at one of the Hogar staff memebers. Here we learnt how o make tortillas!! Not as easy as it looks!! The family was super nice and we are pretty sure we will get phone calls soon announcing their visit to Canada!

Final thoughts on honduras...

This whole experience has been phenomenal, we learnt more in the past 6 weeks than we have in the past two years of university! About ourselves, our future ambitions, kids and our final two years of nursing! Working with the kids here was incredibly refreshing, everything is just so simple in the eyes of a child and really made us realize not to sweat the small stuff! And its all small stuff!! We feel as though we have gotten more out of this experience than the kids got from us.

Thank you for everyones love and support and the messages that kept us going through the tough times, we would not be able to be here without you.

Honduras is a beautiful country with amazing culture! We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to see all aspects of it!

For anyone who is looking to take a break, come work with kids, learn a different language and learn about yourself they are always looking fo volunteers here! We have definetly learnt that no matter the cost its important to take chances and to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes!

Love and miss you all,

Renee and Janelle

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