Roughrider Campground, Minot ND

Western Kingbird

Traveled from Devil's Lake, ND to Minot, the capitol of North Dakota (for those of you who, like me, had no idea about that). The terrain was flat but gradually became rolling grassland. We stayed at the Roughriders Campground outside of town - but here, it was only a few miles to the "city" from the campground. The campground itself was very lovely with wide, shady spots located on a river. Across the river was a ranch with sheep. Dixie and I ran a few miles along the road - saw a few people riding horses but other than that, it was very empty. The weather has been great - around 85 degrees but very windy. Had some rain showers driving to Minot but it changed to lovely sunshine.

The campground hostess gave me the name of her hair salon where I got my nails done. If you want to learn about the people in a town, go to the hair salon - get your nails done. Tina did my nails - she is a native of ND and lived south of Minot. Her graduating class had 43 seniors. Her kids go to a private parochial school and their classes also are around 40 kids total. She said that Minot High School has about 430 kids in their graduating class - so you can see that the capitol of North Dakota is about as large as Pennridge.

This is the first place that we have been where I have not said "I could live here". It was nice and the people were very nice - I'd like to come back to explore the parks but would not want to live here full time.

Saw a yellow-breasted flycatcher - my only new bird of the day.

Bob is fine. He is enjoying the drive - sort of. But we are both taking long naps in the afternoon before exploring the various towns.

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