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Putting on the Saskatchewan sticker on the motor home in Saskatoon

We left early this morning because everyone was up with the sun. We headed out to a sunny day with azure skys and puffing white clouds. The winds did give Bob a rough time all day driving. The area we drove through was similar to the areas we have been drivng in for the last three days, expect we are seeing more livestock now. We have gone pass two elk and bison herds that some of the farmers are raising for meat. Most of the towns we went through will were very tiny, some we could not even tell they was a town there.

We arrived early afternoon in Saskatoon at a full service groundgrounds and the girls have headed out to find the playground. Went had to put on thier jackets and jeans because of the cooler weather. This may we another night without the need of A/C. The park is pretty filled with lilac bushes, I am in heaven. The girls think I am nuts to like these flowers so much. Taffy is out for the first time in two days lying in the tall sweet grass and trying to catch black birds.

The park is right off the highway we were driving on, so it was easy to find. This is one of the largest towns in Saskatchewan. We even passed a Walmart on the way to the campgrounds. We hope the bugs are not as bad here as it was in the other park.

Tomorrow it is on to Edmonton, after a long days drive.

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