Our Alaska Trip 2006 travel blog

We crossed over into Canada without any problems.. We had been told that they would take any meat we had on board, they did not even ask us about it. We took a picture of the girls and exchanged some money. The people at the center were very nice and helpful. The area we had been driving through before we enter Canada was all farmlands that grew sugar beets and wheat. They had a small flood earlier this year, but the crops all looked like they were doing well now.

The highway in Manitoba is as bad as the ones we have in Louisana, it was until we turned onto Hwy 16 to start across the providence that we had a better road to drive on. It looks like we are driving thourgh the farmlands of Illinios. The dark black soil with the vibrant flowers and green fields. The train tracks keep us company for most of you ride and we see numerous grain cars heading south. The crop in this area is also wheat, but they also grow barley. If we have gone through any town they have all been small farming towns after we went around Winnipeg (capital city).

We are stopping a a wayside park for the night in Brinscarth and it looks like we will have rain in a short while. The dark clouds are garthering in the west and we can hear the distance thunder. We are too far north for the satillite to work and so far from any town of size to get any TV reception, so I guess we will either watch some of the movies we brought or read for the evening. Bob is getting frustrated that he can not watch his news and weather.

The girls have gone out to find the playground before the storm clouds come any closer and the bugs come out. The bugs here are as bad as they were in Upper MI and they chase you inside for the evening.

We are already so far north that it is almost midnight before it even started to become dusk. It will be interesting to see how the girls handle going to bed while it is still dark

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