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Flying W Ranch, Tim & I

Flying W, they finally caught me, I'm in JAIL

Inside the theatre

Little Church inside the Flying W

Hello Everybody,

We are now in Colorado Springs, CO and boy am I glad. I'm sorry I don't mean to sound critical BUT I think you have to be a special kind of person to be, not only willing but like, living in any of the Plains States. These last few days have been SOOOOO boring. Since I'm the Navigator, I try my best to plan our trip using almost none of the major highways, we like the back roads much better, you know, getting to see the little towns, having the opportunity to possibly get to see something totally amazing, like the metal hand and butterfly in OK. Since we left Guthrie, OK, there has been NOTHING to look at, the small little towns are just pitiful, so when we left Seibert, CO yesterday we decided to take a major highway, RT. 24. Now I never thought I'd ever say this, not in my whole lifetime, but I was really looking forward to at least seeing some billboards. Would you believe that even on a major road there were very few billboards, so now let your imagine run away with you and try and feel how unbelievably excited we were to FINALLY reach something, anything, that's interesting to look at.

This area is postively beautiful, finally some GREEN, instead of dirt, dust and nothing. The mountains are breathtaking, of course you can see snow on the very tops. It just takes my breath away, just stand and look around you, ALL of this was created by my God!!! The juting rocks and formations are just wonderful.

We pulled in about noon and as we were leaving to look around the area, when we met the people next door, Maurice and Bill and would you believe they're from Ft. Lauderdale. She was telling me about a place called "Flying W Ranch" and they were going for dinner there last night. It's a working ranch and they have a whole little town, church, gift shops, blacksmith, etc., then you get a dinner while a band plays country music. We say OK, sounds good, so we go, it's $20 each. Golly I thought we were smarter than this, we know from experience about those types of things, the food is ALWAYS horrible, and it was. We also didn't realize how much walking there would be and almost all of it was very hilly and steep with lots of steps, needless to say I thought I was dying, so much pain. Oh well life goes on, I made a decision a long time ago that this awful pain will NOT control my life.

Today while Tim was outside trying to get this aggravating satellite to lock on to anything, some people walk up and start talking. Again we are made to realize how very small the world really is, there are four coaches across from us, all are from Palm Coast, FL and another one from Melbourne and tonite we're all going to met and flop our jaws for a while.

We talked about taking the COG Railway to the top of Pikes Peak, but found out that it costs $60 and we would have to get up about 6AM and my body just doesn't work that early in the morning, so we decided that we would take the road up and enjoy it just as much, that way we could stop and take pictures. We also wanted to see the "Cave in the Winds" but were told that it involved lots of walking, climbing and steps, so I guess we won't be able to do that, but that's OK, there's plenty to see and we're having a great time.

Love to you ALL

Tim & Marilyn

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