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So we hung out in Mumbai for a while and then decided to travel north to Jaisalmer. We plan to arrive there around the 8th to go on a desert trek on camels. We met people in Mumbai Ed and Lucy who we are going to go trekking with. I reckon you need a few people to give it that campfirey camping feel.

Headed in the general direction of Jaisalmer we went to Ahmedabad for a day and a bit. Ahmedabad is in Gujarat and VERY different to Mumbai where we were. You don't get hassled as its not very touristed so people just chat to you with out trying to get you to buy an enormous balloon or anything. Yes really. It was the first place we have been in all of India and Sri Lanka where somewhere didn't have an English restaurant. We picked our breakfast by pointing at puri and getting what came with it. It was in fact absolutely delicious but far too much for us too eat.

We had a worse lunch experience. Trying to order food from our hotel we actually marked on the menu next to what we wanted. veg. noodle soup with bread and butter for me, chicken sweet and sour with egg fried rice for Ash. It came ages late as veg noodles and chicken soup. After 2 hours of sending the food back and forth we went with the guy from our hotel to the restaurant and got our money back. No lunch today, it was 6:30 by the time we were back at the room. Sigh.

We managed to fit something into the short time we were in Ahmedabad. Its where Gandhi's Ashram was. For free (yeah Gujarat really hasn't cashed in on the whole tourism thing yet) you can visit Gandhi's Ashram and a rather impressive museum. We both bought a copy of his autobiography for a mere R.s 30/-. Thats very cheap even for here. 34p. and spent most of the day here. A bloke from Essex came up to us, delighted to hear an English accent and invited us to visit his project. His family were from Gujarat so he could speak Gujarati and was working with children from the slums teaching them skill in a sort of childrens club ashram building. He taught music and they also learnt cooking, food hygine, computing, english and stuff. It looked really good fun all the kids absolutely doted on him. I wish we had had a space like that to work in for our kids club in Sri Lanka. It would have been fantastic.

We bought our ticket to Diu and then found out when we arrived at the bus stand that we got completely ripped off by commission scouts. We got there and had to then walk with all our bag to the real ticket office. Then we waited 45min for the bus. Then got told to walk somewhere else in the middle of nowhere and waited there for AGES. The got on the bus finally, looked quite nice.

"Can we put our bags in the boot?"

"Office office"

"Sorry can I put my bags in the boot? Trunk?" -embaressing OTT pointing at bags and boot


We got on with all our bags. Established that no one else on the bus was going to Diu. Tried to go to our seat/beds right at the back and were told "Office office" so just sat down where we were. Then we arrived at a bus station and all became clear. We had to change buses. After getting the bus blocked in by other buses and then stuck on a tree for a good 20 minutes we finally got on our way about 2 hours after we were meant to leave. The bus had beds in some of which were doubles. -isn't that what Branson wants to do in some planes but the English were too prudish and thought it was crazy. We had single bunk beds. You had to sleep with the windows open and at least 2 cochroaches landed on me. Bed-buses sound like a good idea but ill tell you now they're not because I didn't sleep until after 4. Diu will be worth it though I'm sure.

love from Sleepy and Grumpy xxx

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