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Going home

Leaving our last destination.

Riding to the airport on London's Tube. Luggage is firmly gripped after...

Tamara's first ride in a London taxi was on the way to...

Tamara Bulat - World Traveller

Our last of over 30 planes.

Boarding the plane. One last look back

The opposite of beauty sleep. At 10 hours this was the longest...

Excitement moments before landing. Can't wait to smell Vancouver's air and see...

After almost exactly one year of travelling we are flying home to Vancouver. Reluctantly we handed over our last air ticket at check-in, the final of 36 flights.

We waited for the plane with an incredible sense of accomplishment. The adventure was finished. We had travelled to dozens of countries, constantly learning new languages, customs, currencies, transportation systems, etc. All this was done on the go, learning as needed, often just before arriving in a new location. Over the last year we have been in countless situations that have stretched and challenged us in ways that we could not have anticipated. The sense of accomplishment was a confidence in our ability to handle difficult situations and to make the right decisions.

We also felt excited to see friends and family. Continuously being in strange and foreign places makes home feel especially far away. Often on the trip we would ask each other 'If you could place any friend(s) here right now, who would love this place?' The situations were always wildly varied from sipping martinis in a bar on the 98th floor (Singapore) to a dusty afternoon in the back of a crowded transport truck (Fiji). When traveling you are constantly meeting new people. It was a year of first impressions and returning to people who knew us was comforting.

We felt anticipation. What would happen next? As we boarded the plane we knew this was the end of something incredible that would never happen again, at least not in this way. When we started the trip we didn't know where it would lead us. Now we had decisions to make regarding where to live and what we'd do. On a much larger scale we had important decisions on how to let this experience affect our lives. Once we returned to 'normal', how would we let this once-in-a-lifetime journey change the way we live?

We put a lot of thought into how this trip changed us. We had a strong sense of anticipation (and nervousness) because we knew it is only by returning home that we would see how we've actually changed.

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