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Herding cattle

The pyramids at Tucume

At Tucume

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One of the 26 pyrmaids

We took a bus from Trujillo, our taxi driver in Trujillo kindly directed us to a much better bus service (everyone here is so helpful and friendly), so we got to sit back in comfort and watch Tom Cruise running and kicking stuff in a bootleg copy of Mission Impossible 3. We were quite surprised at the size of Chiclayo, its quite a big city.

Once again our taxi driver directed us to a better hotel, apparently the one we were recommended by lonely planet was full of prostitutes...sure we're well used to that by now! We wound up staying at Hotel Tumbes Real and got a lovely clean room with cable TV for cheap! There is a huge difference in the cost of things here compared with Central America thankfully. Unfortunately we were awoken ealy this morning by cockerels. Some locals were training them how to fight in the park outside, poor things. We were also bitten alive by some very persistent mossies.

We took a tour to see the pyramids, ruins and museums in the area. This area is known as the Egypt of South America, it's full of sand and clay pyramids. The cultures who built them, the Moche and the Chimu cultures predate the Incas by about 1500 years. We visited the famous tomb of the Lord of Sipan. It is incredible to think that these pyramids lay undiscovered until 1987 and that the skeletons we were looking at were alive 2000 years ago. Only two weeks ago another important warriors tomb was uncovered nearby. We visited the museum at Lambayeque which is probably one of the more impressive museums we have been to. Our guide Fernando, from Moche tours, was lovely and great craic. There were four others with us on the tour and we were all squashed into a beat up old 4 X 4 which had two flat tyres along the way.

We also visited Tucume pyramids which were very impressive. They lack the detail that we saw on all the central american ruins as they are built from clay but the contents of the tombs within them are more impressive than most we have seen. There was so much gold found in all these tombs. The other thing that was amazing about Tucume is that it has not been completely excavated and so you find yourself walking on pieces of ceramic that are just lying around...many of which are over 1000 years old.

Back to Trujillo with us today hoping for some more Tom Cruise action to entertain us!

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