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View from the Castle Tower

The Castle Chapel

Castle Hill

River Cafe

The Old Town

Old People in the Old Town

The River

Church of Annunciation

The Triple Bridge

Market Place


Market 2

The Canal

Final Look on the Town

So with the cycling over it was time to relax. Ljubljana is a beautiful city. My first full day there was spent strolling round the old town, located along the banks of the Ljubljanica River. The city has so much history but its museums are not the best and do little to enhance the visitors knowledge of the city and its country. The Castle, located on a hill set back a short distance from the Eastern bank of the river does it's best to cram the town's entire history in to a 20 mintues 3D "multi-media experience" but ultimately it is only a taster.

The National Museum located in the new town is the smallest national museum I have ever had the plaeasure to visit, consisting of only 3 or 4 rooms. It has some intersting exhibits but certainly is not sufficient for a country's National Museum. I left feeling a little short changed, although given I didn't see another person while I was there and from the way I was fussed around by the lady on the front desk, probably the only person to set foot in the place that day, I suggest it's not top of the list on everyone's itinerary when they visit Ljubljana.

The National Gallery, located a short walk down the road from the Nationa Museum is much better, providing a great introduction in to the development of art within Slovenia.

For my second full day in Ljubljana I'd hoped to get a train out to the caves of Postojna but the weather was so bad I decided to stay in town and visited the Museum of Modern History in Tivoli Park, north of the city center. A great museum. I got soaked and decided to spend the rest of the day in the warmth of a cafe, reading my book.

Day three I got a bus out to the BTC City Shopping Center where I bought some clean clothes and managed to get a kind man to donate me a box to transport my bike back to the Uk in.

On my last day I had a final stroll around the old town and then made my way out to the city airport. Thankfully the plane wasn't full so there wasn't the usual 'EasyJet' scrum-down to get the best seats and the flight was a very pleasant experience. I arrived at Stanstead to find a load of anwser phone messages from Veena. The Campervan had broken down on the way to airport. Veena and the van had been towed back home and I was now on my own with 4 panniers, a bar-bag and a bike in a box. I rapidly came to the conclusion that the train and tube across London was not an option so took the fairly extravagant decision to hire a car for the day to get me home.

On the way to the hire car I struck up a conversation with as many people as I could realistically do without looking a loon and listened to Radio 4 all the way home. The English language, my Mother tongue, it's great to hear it again!

I've had a fantastic trip, met some wonderful people, witnessed some stunning scenery and I've enjoyed every challenge that I've faced on my journey but it's still great to be home.

So what's next? Well the World Cup starts in only a few days.........Come on Engerrrrland! Who nees Wayne Rooney when you've got 6ft 6" anderoid playing up front?!

Never mind.......maybe next time.

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