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Husky the Musky

Great sculpture at Kenora

Fort Frances waterfront

Kakabeka Falls

On Friday night May 26th, after we did our journal entry we settled down for the evening as we were at a campsite 10 mi. from Kenora, Ontario at Longbow Lake. During the night we had a terrific thunderstorm with lots of thunder and lightning. It continued on into the morning and we were unable to go to the garage sales as we planned. After it cleared up we went into Kenora and walked about admiring their murals and visited asouvenir a shop. They are located on the shore of Lake of the Woods and they have a lovely harbor there. Husky the Musky is located in a park just at the head of the lake. On the way back to the campsite for lunch we spotted this great sculpture (photo #2} and couldn't resist taking a picture. Saturday night we went to the show "Over the Hedge" and thought it was hilarious.

Up and away on Sunday morning, we traveled along highway 11/71 that follows the shoreline of Lake of the woods plus there are many many more lakes along this route. It is a very pretty drive to do but slow. We arrived in Fort Frances around 2:00 PM and it was very hot 27C/80F so we set up camp at their municipal camp site and then went for ride in the truck because it has air conditioning. I think it feels warmer to us because of the humidity. We were surprised to see people swimming in the river but there were several so it must of been warm. They have a very large pulp mill here and it sits right on the border with International Falls Minnesota. We tried to see the bridge that connects the two places but it was hidden by the mill and we couldn't go across the border because we had two cases of wine in the back of the truck. After it cooled down at night we took a bike ride along their waterfront which is very nice and took photo #3 looking back at our campsite which is in the trees on the horizon.

It was still warm when we got up this morning and we were on the road 9:15. There more trees along the road this morning along with a few lakes and it was quite pretty but we miss seeing the mountains. We arrived at a campsite just up the road from Kakabeka Falls around three their time as we lost an hour when we passed into Eastern time. We went and checked out the falls and had to pay $2.00 for an hour of viewing....I guess this is the way they pay to keep up their attractions. We are about 20 mi. out of Thunder Bay and plan on spending the day there tomorrow. Talk to you along rode.

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