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Arrived on the first ferry of the day, leaving ko samui around 10:30 and taking about an hour to get over. After fighting my through the various guys trying to get me on board a taxi boat to nowhere, I found myself a little bunaglow at a place called Paradise bungalows (apparenlty the home of the Full Moon Party). Hung out on the beach for a bit reading the newest book I'd picked, rather aptly Robinson Crusoe.

In the evening I wandered down to the local bars to grab some food and check out the latest blockbusters. I had a choice among others of X-Men 3, Da Vinchi Code and Posiedon Adveunture; I settled on the Davinci Code. Now I am not going to say that the quality of the film by was any means great, but I did have the fortune that no one in this particular cinema audience had the audicity to get up and walk in front of the screen whilst the guy was filming it from the back row. To add to the somewhat low quality film the thai waiter decided to bless us with English subtitles to the film (probably because the sound quality wasn't great). English subtitles in Thailand are something that have to be seen to be believed. I'm not entirely sure who they get to type up the subtitles, but that old story of a infinite number of monkeys with typewriters could eventually write the bible sprang to mind. They were just a few monkeys short of infinity. One example of their ability to puts speech to words came when Tom Hanks was referring to the Holy Grail, the subtitles subsequently read "Dirty Bowl". I can see where they are comming from, but they just don't quite get the gist of it. Anyway at least the subtitles added a good comedy element to the story, keeping many people laughing out loud (I was beginning to think the monkeys writing the subtitles were doing it on purpose).

After chuckling away over my Pad Thai, I headed on over to one of the local bars and engaged in a good couple of hours worth of killer pool with a an eclectic mix of people. Getting to around midnight about 8 of us decided to head down to the beach and partake in one of the nightly parties. Up until this point I should point out I had laregely been drinking coke (diet ;o) ) and the odd Chang (a somewhat odd variety of thai beer, banned from export). Hitting the beach one of people I was with persauded me to partake in one of the local cocktails a mix of Thai Red Bull (not fizzy like british redbull), half a litre of something going by the name of Sangsong (whisky like), cola and ice, all in a lovely bucket. After settling down to watch some guys twizzle fire sticks around, jump through burning hoops and accidentally set one random chaps shorts on fire (by far the most amusing - fortunately the sea was close by, being hide tide). I settled in to my bucket of alcohol stuff.

The next morning I woke in my bed covered in sand and the odd bruise (how you get bruised on a beach I have no idea), with the last thing I remember being a guys shorts on fire. I was also feeling somewhat for the worse. Tuesday was spent almost entirely in bed. I did foray down to the beach for a couple of hours and bit of a swim, but this was the height of my adventures.

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