Stunem and Fritz visit Europe travel blog

The plan was originally to head on to Seville, but it is just too hot, and Seville is apparently hotter. So we change course and start to head back to France. I start to remember what Adelaide summers are like, and how it feels to approach hysteria because you can't sleep because it is too hot.

Toledo; where it is still hot (after a very hot drive through the middle of the day through the middle of the country) but where, after a little trying whilst tempers were fraying, to find a hotel with air conditioning (and a bath!!).

Toledo is rather gorgeous, lots of windy mediavel narrow streets (we did have to fold Fritz's mirrors in to get through). And it is quite cool in amongst the buildings.

Our first night we end up having a very nice Chinese meal and then watch the Champions League final on television in our cool hotel room. Even with spanish commentary, and having to watch football (and a crap game at that) it is a treat to watch tele!!

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