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Outside the walls

photo of Peter taking a photo

Us with St Malo in the background

Picnic on the wall

Jumping on the causeway

St. Malo is the second walled city we visited. One interesting fact about St. Malo is that it is a walled city directly on the ocean and pretty much like it's own little island. We had the chance to spend the night within the walls of this city. Thankfully, the weather opened up as well and we ejoyed a lovely picnic and evening on the beach.

But before we had a picnic, we had to go find food. Of course, this was a bit of a challenge because again, we were dependent our our tiny French book. So this time we decided to go where we could just grab food and go; the local grocery store (which was outside of the walls). We ended up with some of what we thought were cheese, bread, meat and soda, and we headed back to the beach for an incredible sunset.

While we were watching the sunset, the tide went out and a causeway appeared out to one of the surrounding petit islands. We walked out onto it and Peter found even more amazing photo ops. We also found the ruins of a German WWII bunker. It was pretty amazing to be in a place built in the 10th century and then find things from the WWII as well. Great history and a great memory.

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