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Nantes Cathedral

Dinan Street

Gateway to Dinan

City of Dinan

We landed in Nantes, France early in the morning of the 23rd and we were immediately hit that we could no longer speak the language. We were flipping through our phrase book as we exited the plane trying to remember how to just say "hello" and "do you speak english." We are so glad we bought that book!

We then navigated our way to the Europecar depot downtown, and picked up our sweet, baby-blue Toyota Yaris.

2 doors and 2 feet wide! We then made our way to Dinan, our first French walled city. But our first prioity was our stomachs. We figured McDonald's would be a cinch to order, even w/o speaking the language.... here are a few things we learned:

1)they do not have FRENCH fries, if you ask for them, they look at you like you are a stupid American(We are getting used to this look). The fries are called fritz.

2)There is no such thing as a small drink. It is petit... which is the happy meal size in the states.

3)And whenever you order, there always seems to be a few extra cheeseburgers and fritz in your bag.... which we think we paid for? Not too sure, but it all tasted ok.

Dinan was rich w/ history and precious little houses w/ thatched roofs.

We could even get up on the walls to enjoy the surrounding countryside of the region known as Brittany (some residents still consider themselves part of the UK as well....). Molly, while taping some interesting video on the wall fell into a drainage hole, all while on film. Thankfully, she is all intact and without any sprains(unlike most of our vacations). :)

When we were finished touring Dinan, it was onto St. Malo!

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