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Well today its back to Cancun.. The drive back was good and I would have loved to have stayed for a few more days all on my own. But I am leaving on a high note and that's what counts.

As soon as we I turned in the rental and got to the terminal I turned b-lined for the counter! The ground crew working the check in instantly grimaced at my face and immediately asked if I was in any pain, "Yes" I said "Progresso was a bit too hot!" Made it through security no problem, I checked my duffle, just because it was weighing a bit more than it did originally BUT I got EVERYTHING back in it!!!!! Maybe I have learned my packing lesson!

Once I got through I did a little bit of retail therapy and picked up two dolls and a jumbo bag of mini Toberlone's (had to do something with the extra pesos)! Then I grabbed a bite to eat, got a water, called my mum and waited for the plane to board.

The flight back to Newark was packed, but went by pretty quickly until we got to Newark. We ended up having to circle for an extra 30 minutes in the air, figures.

Once landed I breezed through immigration and customs and again b-lined for the next plan. As I was walking to the gate I suddenly realized that it looked awfully familiar. Now I have caught several overseas flights out of Newark but never have I flown out of the same gates or area, but this time my gate to Manchester was the EXACT same gate I had flown out of when I went to China last November! Was so strange. And of course once we finally boarded, we were delayed taking off and had to sit in line to take off on the runway for 40 minutes! AAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! This was not the easiest trip home!

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