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Incan ruins

Soph in the Incan doorway


me and soph in the front of the raft


well it has taken me quite a while to find another access to the internet and there is so much to fill you guys in on! it has been quite the week. after a few days in Cusco we started the Inca trail for three days, it was just fantastic. it is an amazing walk that is 500 years old, mostly consisting of the original stone steps set into the path by the Incas. starting low in the valley, well low for peru, 2000m you wind your way into the mountains passing ruin after ruin. it is an amazing experience, so much culture to take in in the most stunning setting. the second day was a real eye opener and lung closer, we crossed a pass at 4300m above sea leval! i was ghasping for sure! down the next valley for another day to arrive at Muchupichu, the temple of the sun. the main reason why most pople come to peru didn't dissapoint - just spectacular. i have taken hundreds of photos but trying to upload them at this internet cafe is going to be near impossible as the computer doesnt have a CD drive and my spanish is much worse then the english of the lady working here!!!

the trail wasn't without it's difficulties - Soph has suffered a fair bit at first with the altitude and then a good case of montizumas revenge, or the Bombay Crud as Gavin so eligantly calls it. i had a touch of it too, but we are bothe finally feeling 100% so we are overjoyed!

after the inca trail we headed over another big pass, by bus, to a town called Quillabumba, in the lowlands. we went from the alpine to the sub jungle where it is hot and humid, neat place though... we are well of the main tourest track, the only gringos in town, it's really neat to see the real Peru. amazing people , so happy and friendly even though by western standards they have nothing. last night we found ourselves at a night soccer match that had a locals carnival attached to it, there was dancing, fooseball, circus games, it was great...

today was good fun we went whitewater rafting with a guide that spoke no english and while running the first set of rapids was thrown from the boat! soph and i just looked at each other and laughed. we managed to pick up the guide and have a great morning on the river. we are going to spend another night here before heading back to Cusco for a couple of days rest.

we are really looking forward to spending some time in the markets and soaking up more of the cool culture of this place. all up the trip is going great we are just loving it and our spanish is very slowly improving, it's amazing what a bit of necisity does for learning! as i said i have shot HEAPS of photos which i will upload when i can. i will put heaps on when i get home in a week(!!!) so you can see them all.

anyway i better run dinner time soon,

hope all is well wherever you are and remember to have fun....

i'll leave you with this thought, think of every drop of water you drink today, in your juice, to rinse your toothbrush, to have a sip after a run... i can't drink a single drop from the tap here, every ounce is from a bottle, and this is how most of the world has to live.... you don't apprecite the convienience of the western world till it's gone...

have fun


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