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Yep the face still hurts, but boy did that burn lotion make...

The perfect companions for a perfect last day

The mustard looking dish is really just ground up yellow peppers, hottest...

Panuchos, these were absolutely just the best!

Marci and her handmade horse

Jason and what we think was a ninja?

and the dancers begin















Jason and Marci

Group photo with the Palacio Municipal in the background

Like you would have said no to this little girl and not...

The future of a culture.

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2 types of dances from my last night in Merida

After walking around I grabbed a quick lunch at Café Lucia, I had Yucatanean Salad with Mayan Chicken. This salad was the bomb! The greens were quick fried so they were crisp yet incredibly lite and not at all soggy. I had another fresh glass of lemonade and read my book, and just had a nice relaxing time to myself. Then hit a pharmacy for a topical burn analgesic, prescription strength for my face, what a difference that made!

Then I wandered a bit more, hit the internet café and had nice conversation via Skype with Nik and Ariel, and knocked a few emails, checked in for my flight and so on. Then I headed back to the hotel and spent a couple of hours reading Naked Lunch, Burroughs seemed the appropriate author to bring to Mexico, and drinking cervezas on the patio, in the cool breeze that had started. Soon along came Marci and Jason who asked if I had dinner plans, said nope and we were set.

So we headed out down to the Plaza Grande again, along the way I passed Aidan! Or rather and Aidan clone; an extremely well tanned, bearded, and thin foreigner with a well packed bike who was biking his way across Mexico. I immediately thought that was probably a bit what Aidan looked like after last summer's trek. Before dinner the three of us went into the main Cathedral to get one last closer look. It really is an amazing piece of work, and in some areas the floor is laid with old tombstones. It reminded me a bit of the church I was saw in Paris which had the dedications in the floor to the resistance fighters from WWII.

We worked our way around the square and ended up at a café that was right next door to the book store I was out earlier in the day. As we walked up we also noticed the chairs that were set on the street forming a square in front of the entrance to the Palacio Municipal, this made the café even more attractive as our outdoor table gave us a good seat. So with that we placed our orders, my final meal consisted of Lima Sopa (lime soup, a must have in that area) and some outstanding Panuchos! And of course some more vino tinto! The dinner was truly the best I had while there.

A comical point came quite early on in dinner; We were brought bread and two picantes as a starter, and one of the "picantes" appeared to be a mustardy type of dish. Well, Marci having obviously learned her lesson passed on trying it until Jason did to see how hot it was. Me, well you know how long it takes me to learn a lesson. Yep, I smeared it on my bread and popped the sucker in my mouth. OH MY GOD! That was strictly blended and ground yellow chilies! And hot does not even begin to cover it! My eyes were watering like you wouldn't believe and suddenly I couldn't feel the pain from my blistered face due to the huge amount of pain my mouth was in! Whew! More agua, lots and lots of agua! But I have to tell you it was still damn good! As dinner progressed we noticed the waiters moving tables out into the street for customers so they could see the local dancing performance while eating, we quickly jumped on this opportunity and they graciously moved our table out there as well! FANTASTIC! It was a gorgeous night and this was just topping it off!

Not only did we have great seats but of course being tourist we became sitting ducks for the sellers, especially the little girls in their traditional dress selling their little hand made dolls and bracelets, and belts. First the mom got me, a little on her back, and another in tow, I got nailed and bought a belt. Well you know me and kids, and after three glasses of vino sitting duck was an understatement. Then her eldest daughter about 8 got me for 5 bracelets, and then she paused before leaving and picked one out and gave it to me as a gift. I have to say that was quite sweet. Immediately Jason made the comment of now your marked, of course Jason and Marci caved in and bought little handmade dolls. Then of course the little one came around and I kept putting her off as well as the older one who got me earlier. At the end of the night they came back by and I motioned them over. So in exchange for me getting to take their photos I bought a wood beaded bracelet and one of the hand made dolls and another bracelet, they were both laughing as were we, yea these girls were trained well. But seriously, like any of you wouldn't have done the same! They were sweet girls and I know that this is the bulk of their income, the woman next to us a local I think, even bought from her and told her to keep the change after a small lecture about staying on school. Life isn't easy and this is a reminder that it can be way worse. In the end every little thing and amount counts, especially when it comes to children. That's a lesson everyone needs to learn and no one should forget.

Okay so off the soap box and back to the evening, yes the dancers were fantastic! I placed a video here, my pics didn't turn out to well but I think you get a feel for things. In the end I had an absolute blast this last day and evening and it was definitely the high-light of my trip. Sitting there having dinner laughing and yacking and relaxing, throwing back a few drinks and taking in the surroundings, that's what life is all about. And instantly of reminded me of all of you. After that it was back to the hotel, re-packed the bag, put some more lotion to dull the pain, and off to dream land as tomorrow I get to go home. I could not have asked for a better ending!

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