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After a real carb filled dinner last night I feel ready to make an attempt at the Vrsic Pass. At 1611m it`s one of Slovenia`s highest. The top will be cold and covered in snow but hopefully not snowing today.

The first 20km to Trenta is up and down all the way. The neare I get to Trenta the more nervous I get as the mountains appear to loom over me. At Trenta the 9km climb begins and my nerves are not hlped by a sign seemingly indicating 9km of 14% gradient !?! To put this in to perspective Mont Ventoux only ever reached 10-12% at its worst and I didsn`t have my luggage that day. Thankfully the 14% is not an average figure, only a maximum. Still, it`s a little unnerving.

The climb itself is unrelenting, there`s no rest-bite at all. I stop at 5km to grab a banana and some water and carry on. When I reach the top the elation is shortlived as the cold slowly takes hold. I get all my layers on and then make my decent.

Not the most enjoyable decent as in their wisdom the local authority only tarmaced the straights and left the original cobbles exposed on the bends. In the wet the cobbles are like ice so I spent most of time on the brakes. Horrible !

I reached the bottom frozen to the bone so decied to carry on to reach Lake Bled ASAP.

The journey to Bled was a wet one but when suddenly the lake appeared as if out of nowhere the journey was instantly worth all the pain. It really is beautiful and I hope my photographs give you atleast a sense of its beauty.

A great day and probably the last climb of my journey.

I`ve booked a flight home for Friday the 26th. I miss home and Veena and am fed up of spending evenings on my tod. Physically I could make it home but mentally no. Only one more week of journal writing........or is anyone interested in hearing about my DIY efforts over the next few weeks ?

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