The Trip North on Wirraway - 2006 travel blog

Early morning cold

The day we left

Yellow nosed albatross

Heavy of heart, we said goodbye to our family and friends. John and I didn't say very much as we sailed over to Barenjoey. Too many things going through our minds, I guess.

Left Barenjoey at 3am the next morning. Noticed there was much fog, and lightning out to sea, and it was very cold. But we did have a good third quarter moon, which was giving us light, and the seas and wind were very calm.

On the way, we saw many Australasian Gannets, which we have seen many times before, but then one kind of bird caught our eye. An albatross! He was majestic, the way he effortlessly swooped over the waves. Ducking and weaving, staying low to the water. What grace! We noticed there were two of them, and they followed us all the way to Port Stephens, staying with us for 13 hours.

Our plan is to stay here for one day, and depart for Crowdy Head on Sunday - which should take us around 12 hours.

John is in his element, of course, definitely the old man and the sea....

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