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Lunch stop on the way to Ann Arbor

Audrey and Sophia

Rosalyn and Gabrielle

Jim and J.R.

Gabrielle and Wesley

Barb and Mary went for a shorter walk this morning. We were on the road by 9am heading for Ann Arbor, Michigan. We arrived at just the time Audrey and Rosalynn were returning from school. We had never met them before and had only known Wesley from Bethel. Jim and Gabrielle were good friends in Bethel. We had not seen them in 10 time flies.

They are moving to a new home in two days( just 4 miles away) so we went out for dinner to an Ethiopian restaurant. What an experience as we ate the entire meal dipping a tortilla like type of bread( steamed) into various foods( several types of lentils, meats and sauces. ) It was a fun meal to share. We returned to spend some time playing music and visiting.

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