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Richard and Marie enjoy a sunny afternoon on the patio of a...

The entertainer with "The Pipes" sings some Blue's for the crowd.

Doug is trying to divert her attention as we all get a...

She sings along as we pose for a group photo.

We liked the name of this rib joint on Beale Street.

This is B.B.Kings club where we had a delicious dinner.

Richard and Marie trying on our lifestyle for size.

The reclining co-pilot chair is a perfect fit for Marie.

They are right out of the Goldilocks Tale saying "...and this is...

"We promise to never ask 'Are we almost there yet?' and we'll...

You may remember Richard and Marie whom we met up with in Nashville. You could tell by the photos that we had a great time together during the one night when our paths crossed. Well they caught up with us in Memphis to spend one more fun evening together. (They were also there to tour Graceland)

We set out to go to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks march at 5:00 p.m. Richard had heard about the tradition so it was fun to get to be there in person for the event. We then headed to Beale Street for a dose of Jazz, Blue's and Soul. Beale Street is compared to Bourbon Street in New Orleans but is smaller and different from the cajun music you hear in "The Big Easy".

We listened to an entertainer who had quite a set of "pipes" on her!!! (See photos) She would roam through the audience and include some of the men in her routine. As she would walk away the men were left with "tomato-red" faces and the audience was laughing hysterically. It was a fun time. We had dinner at B.B. Kings club and the food was delicious. Ribs, steak, chicken, all served with sweet potatoes and green beans were what we ordered and loved every bite!

We then returned to the motorhome so Richard and Marie could make themselves at home and try to convince us to take them along! They promised to be quiet little travelers and no bother at all! We had to remind them that their daughters and grandkids would not be too happy if they didn't return. We also reminded them of the rules of our motorhome: 6 for cocktails, 4 for dinner and 2 for sleeping! We all reluctantly said "Good-night" and promised to get together at home upon our return. We had a great time with Richard and Marie.

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